Cindy Rainne

Hi! I’m Cindy Rainne!

I’m a singer, pianist, songwriter and performer.

The music I create is a combination of all the styles I’ve always loved. It’s soul music with jazzy chord progressions, Caribbean rhythms that get your hips moving, reggae bass lines, string lines that ebb and flow like waves, gospel riffs and even some classical piano thrown in for good measure. I call it “Clearwater Soul”.

Clearwater Soul comes from a place of clarity.. When I reflect on the hard questions, the answers are expressed in my songs. Sometimes that’s playful and joyful, sometimes it’s tumultuous and sobering.. But it’s always empowering!

Most of my songs are about my journey to self-love. I got the message very early on from my parents, classmates, teachers, religion and society that I was not enough. Not cool enough, not pretty enough, not stylish enough, not tidy enough, not consistent enough, not holy enough, not perfect enough.. And I believed it. So I created a persona that reflected who I thought I was supposed to be. Always smiling, always nice, people-pleasing and downright disempowered.

My journey as a musician has led me to explore the truth of who I am. It’s required me to peel off the mask I once wore, find the real Cindy, and fall in head-over-heels in love with her.

This path has completely changed my life. It’s changed the way I take care of myself, the way I interact with people, the way I do business, and it’s empowered me to take control over my own destiny. I’m soooo much happier and fulfilled now!

So now, my mission is to be an example of unconditional self-love to others.

It’s a process! I’m still working on it myself, but I’m 100% committed to it. I truly believe that if everyone really, really loved themselves, the world would be full of happy people, living their dreams. Those happy people would then share love freely with others. We would all communicate more effectively and handle conflict better. We would finally end the cycle of hurt people hurting people.

So yea… I’m just trying to change the world, one song at a time.

If you take only one thing from your time spent with me, I want you to know that you deserve unconditional self-love. Simply because you exist.

Cindy Rainne


Cindy Rainne 3

The humiliation bullied children endure never goes away. The torment lives on, even after the tormentors fade into the background. Muffling those haunting negative voices with success, drugs, posturing, “a normal life” only offers, at best, temporary respites. Late at night, the boogieman still lurks—unless you confront him. 

Singer-songwriter Cindy Rainne was taunted and teased as a young girl. Her coping mechanism became crafting an effervescent exterior—to outsiders, she was bubbly, filled with sunshine, all smiles. It was a disguise further enhanced by her prodigious musical talents. Whether she was making a musical appearance or a social one, it was all a performance. However, through using her musical gifts to heal her soul, she’s found the courage to face down the specters of her past. Now, she steps into the light with The Mask, a masterful debut EP that promotes self-love and self-expression. 

“I spent a lot of time being who I thought people wanted me to be. Working on this album had me digging to figure out who I was, and giving myself permission to be that person,” reveals the Brooklyn, New York-based artist. 

Cindy calls her music “clearwater soul,” it’s an elixir of raw truths and organic instrumentation, and its earthy purity nourishes the soul. Within this stream of expression are elements of classical music, jazz, pop, Caribbean rhythms, opera, gospel, soul, and R&B. Cindy’s lyrics are sassy and sensitive, she writes from her own redemptive journey of reclaiming her dignity and identity from the shackles of a painfully complex childhood. 

“Writing makes me engage in difficult conversations with myself,” she shares. “I will say the first thing that comes to my head, then dig a little deeper until it makes me feel uncomfortable. When it makes me want to cry, I know I’ve found the truth.” 

Cindy is a classically trained vocalist and a classical pianist who comes from a family of Trinidadian descent.  Previous to her epiphanic The Mask EP she build a robust profile through singing in front of sold-out crowds, earning awards for musical theater performances, and garnering an engaged following on YouTube. John Staton of the Star News raves about an appearance: “Cindy Rainne… turns in a performance that’s like a revelation, singing with beauty and power and effortlessly infusing her effervescent personality into her songs.” 

Cindy’s brave story of enlightenment and empowerment begins in 7th grade when she was bullied mercilessly by other kids. Back then is when she first slipped her mask on. Smiling through the pain got her as far as adulthood until she couldn’t ignore the wounded child inside anymore. Throughout her life, Cindy found escape in music. First through singing three-part harmony in church choir, and later when she performed in the middle school talent show and earned plaudits from her classmates. 

In 2012, Cindy began writing what was to become The Mask. “The EP became about peeling everything inside that I repressed, and addressing what’s underneath,” she confides. 

The leadoff single, “Irresistible Me,” is an invigorating positive-imaging R&B anthem. Here, Cindy sings with sophisticated jazz vocal phrasing and heaps of I-don’t-need-your-approval-anymore sass. The lush “Unconditionally” smolders with the struggle of unconditional love in the context of a toxic relationship.  “The Mask” is a stunning slow burner with 1950s style chord changes. “That song is about the facade we put on in an attempt to protect ourselves from the world. It’s so draining! Sometimes we just need a good cry and a warm hug,” Cindy says. Other highlights include the bubbly Motown throwback “Hell No!” and the sweetly longing ballad “Where It Ends.” 

In this new era of empowerment, Cindy reached out to her dream producer, Blair MacKichan (Sia, Lily Allen, Asa) from Hastings, UK.  She spent three weeks across the pond staying with Blair assembling the vibey and majestic basic tracks for her songs. It was a magical time for Cindy watching her compositions blossom with attentive production and world-class musicianship. 

The Mask is a rallying call for a new era for Cindy as an authentic woman and an assured artist. Up next, she plans to tour nationally, internationally, collaborate with other artists, and promote a lifestyle of self-care. “This project is the springboard for everything else. It has healed me, and taught me to trust myself. Now, I’m finally free to be myself,” she says. 


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