“Irresistible Fraud”04 / 15 / 2017

My debut single, “Irresistible Me” isn’t just a song to me. It’s self-love. It’s empowerment. Unfortunately, for many years it was also totally fraudulent. Not intentionally so, but fraudulent nonetheless..

The story of “Irresistible Me” starts in 2012… I was really, really into this guy. We talked almost every day for months. He complimented me often, but told me that he was not interested in a romantic relationship. He just wanted to be my friend.

What do single people do with attractive, friendly, awesome members of the opposite sex? They date them. So surely, there was something wrong with me if he didn’t want to date me, right?

Oh nooooo! Of course not! 😅 I had lots of great qualities! I could even list like 5 of them!…

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The Real Holdup To My Single Release03 / 25 / 2017

March 22nd 2017.. My debut single was sitting on my computer. Album art done. Music video complete. But I couldn’t do a damn thing with it. It was in legal limbo and I had been trying to resolve that for the past year.   It’s been an uphill battle trying to get this music out! Financial issues, music video challenges, an unresolved contract.. Every time I looked up, it was something else… I felt like I was at the mercy of all these situations that were beyond my control!   Now the contract challenge is a very interesting story, but that’s actually not what I’m sharing today. I want to tell you about the real holdup to the release of my music. I just discovered that it had nothing to do with waiting for other people.…Read More

Slowing Down (Part 2)11 / 04 / 2016

“You’re not making progress fast enough.”


Of all the anonymous comments I got when I surveying my mailing list this year, that comment stung the most. It stood out over and above all of the wonderful, positive feedback I received. Why was I so triggered by it? Because it reflected my own frustration that I wasn’t accomplishing my goals quickly enough.


My dream of being a professional singer started when I was 12. In pursuit of this dream, I studied piano, learned how to write songs, performed whenever I had the chance and recorded music with different aspiring producers in countless basement studios. After moving to NC to further my musical education, I continued on this path, squeezing in time for my personal music while getting my degrees and working..…Read More

Slowing Down (Part 1)09 / 18 / 2016

“Cindy, your assignment this week is to slow the fuck down. Walk slower, talk slower, eat slower, text slower, dance slower. Write down what you notice.”

I giggled as my coach explained my assignment. I knew that I needed this. I was rushing from one experience to the next, constantly in a state of anxiety under the guise of a calm, cool demeanor.

“How was your week, Cindy?” I can’t remember. It was all a blur.

“What was your proudest accomplishment this year, Cindy?” Uhhh.. I don’t know.. Wait.. You mean to tell me I accomplished things this year? I feel like I’m not moving fast enough!!! I haven’t reached my dreams yet!! 

Anxious and cranky.. Yep, slowing down was in order. …

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2nd Time’s a Charm!07 / 30 / 2016

Man – I wish there was a “Music Videos For Dummies” Book.. Not just a book on storyboarding, lighting, types of shots, etc.. But a book that says “Hey artist, this is what YOU need to take into consideration when you’re going to be on camera!”

Record labels with big budgets and years of experience coach their artists on this stuff. DIY artists like myself get to figure it out through trial and error! 😬 There are some things that you just don’t know about shooting a music video until you’re in the middle of the process. Or after the process is over and you see the finished product.

When I first saw the footage from my first video shoot in May, I panicked!…

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