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“Cindy Rainne empowers and challenges women of all cultures, ages, and backgrounds to shatter mirrors of fictitious standards of beauty and success, while igniting unconditional love of self. She reveals that we don’t need anyone else’s approval or permission because, “I’ve got mine.” This is the awakening, epiphany and coming of age song – mantra for every girl and woman across all phases of life. “Irresistible” belongs to you and me!”

– Sabrina Marcel, Pandora Radio*


The message of this song is such a timely one. I’m in tears because I really needed to hear something like this. It’s already on constant repeat! Thank you so much!!

-Khadijah Hewitt-Nelson


1. Irresistible Me (Sample)


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“Cindy calls her music “clearwater soul,” it’s an elixir of raw truths and organic instrumentation, and its earthy purity nourishes the soul. Within this stream of expression are elements of classical music, jazz, pop, Caribbean rhythms, opera, gospel, soul, and R&B. Cindy’s lyrics are sassy and sensitive, she writes from her own redemptive journey of reclaiming her dignity and identity from the shackles of a painfully complex childhood. John Staton of the Star News raves about an appearance: “Cindy Rainne… turns in a performance that’s like a revelation, singing with beauty and power and effortlessly infusing her effervescent personality into her songs.”


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